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François Biot

- Dutch, English French

- French Dutch

5100 Namur (Namen)

Remely Majan

- English, Tagalog, Bisaya-Cebuano Dutch

- Dutch English, Tagalog, Bisaya-Cebuano

8500 Kortrijk (Courtrai)

Flandre-Occidentale (West-Vlaanderen)

Diana Duta

- Romanian English, French

- English French, Romanian

- French English, Romanian

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Thanh Thuy Phan

- Vietnamese Dutch, English, French

- Dutch English, French, Vietnamese

- English Dutch, French, Vietnamese

- French Dutch, English, Vietnamese

1190 Brussels (Forest / Vorst), Liège (Luik)

Bruno Peres

- Portuguese French

- French Portuguese

1150 Brussels (Sint-Pieters-Woluwe), 1400 Nivelles (Nijvel)

Edona Lloncari

- Albanian French

- French Albanian

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Sabine Lebbe-Maillot

- Chinese French

- English, French Chinese

Brussels & Paris

Michèle Laurent

- English, Portuguese, Spanish French

1325 Bonlez, 1000 Brussels, 1400 Nivelles (Nijvel)

Eszter Kotroczo

- Hungarian Dutch, English

- Dutch, English Hungarian

3110 Rotselaar

Yulia Koreneva

- Russian English, French

- French English, Russian

- English French, Russian

1190 Brussels (Forest), Mons (Bergen), Nivelles (Nijvel)

Ivanka Koleva

- Bulgarian Dutch

- Dutch Bulgarian

Town / Court of Justice:

3000 Louvain (Leuven)

Available for translations in Brussels and in Flanders

Morched Jeguirim

- Arabic French

- French Arabic

1030 Brussels (Schaerbeek)

Hassan Jarfi

- Arabic French

- French Arabic

Courts of Justice:

Liège (Luik), Verviers

Hainaut, Walloon Brabant

Fatma Iferoudjene

- Arabic, Berber French

- French Arabic, Berber

Courts of Justice:

Charleroi, Mons (Bergen)

Lucyna Gutman-Grauer

- Polish French, English

- French Polish, English

- English Polish, French

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Seda Gubacheva

- French Chechen, Russian

- Chechen, Russian French

4000 Liège (Luik)

Tanja Van Dooren

- DutchEnglish, Spanish

- English, SpanishDutch

8500 Kortrijk (Courtrai)

Mimoza Dino

- Albanian, English, Greek French

- Dutch,  English, French, Greek Albanian

- Albanian Dutch

1853 Strombeek Bever

1000 Brussels

Cristina Ciupitu

- EnglishFrench, Romanian

- FrenchEnglish, Romanian

- RomanianEnglish, French

7020 Mons (Bergen), Charleroi, Nivelles (Nijvel)

Nedzad Ceman

- Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian French

- French Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian

4000 Liège (Luik)

Arlon (Aarlen), Bergen (Mons), Hoei (Huy), Verviers

Esmeralda Cela

- Albanian French

- French Albanian

1000 Brussels, Arlon (Aarlen), Charleroi, Marche-en-Famenne, Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Neufchâteau, Nivelles (Nijvel)

Geneviève Caillet

- English French, Spanish

- Spanish English, French

- French English, Spanish

7000 Mons (Bergen), Brussels, Charleroi, Dinant, Hal-Vilvorde (Halle-Vilvoorde), Huy (Hoei), Marche-en-Famenne, Namur (Namen), Neufchâteau, Nivelles (Nijvel), Termonde (Dendermonde), Tongres (Tongeren), Tournai (Doornik), Verviers

Tania Cabrera

- Spanish French

- French Spanish

1370 Jodoigne

Ludmila Bulgar

- English, French, Russian Romanian

- English, Romanian, Russian French

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Amal Boualga

- Arabic English, French

- French Arabic, English

- English Arabic, French

- Italian French

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Anna Bondarenko

- Dutch Russian, Ukrainian

- Russian, Ukrainian Dutch

Waasmunster, Antwerpen (Anvers), Dendermonde (Termonde), Gent (Gand), Kortrijk (Courtrai), Leuven (Louvain), Mechelen (Malines), Oudenaarde (Audenarde), Veurne (Furnes), Turnhout

David Babaev

- English, Russian French

- English, French Russian

Brussels (Brussel), Charleroi, Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Nivelles (Nijvel), Tournai (Doornik)

Vincent Aubert

- English French, Romanian, Russian

- French English, Romanian, Russian

- Romanian English, French, Russian

- Russian English, French, Romanian

Brussels (Woluwe-St-Pierre), Liège (Luik), Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Nivelles (Nijvel), Tournai (Doornik)

Thomas Abrassart

Dutch, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian

in different language combinations

Brussels (Bruxelles), Mons (Bergen), Namur (Namen), Nivelles (Nijvel), Tournai (Doornik)

Iurii Abdusa

- English French, Romanian, Russian

- French English, Romanian, Russian

- Romanian English, French, Russian

- Russian English, French, Romanian

- Ukrainian English, French, Romanian, Russian

1070 Brussels (Anderlecht)

7000 Mons (Bergen)

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Serge Withouck

- English, French , Italian Dutch

- Dutch English, French , Italian

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

Sandra Vranic

- French Croatian, Serbian

- Croatian, Serbian French

5377 Somme-Leuze

Jorge Santos

- English, Portuguese French

- English, French Portuguese

6200 Châtelineau, Nivelles (Nijvel), Brussels (Bruxelles)

Óscar Rodicio

- English French, Spanish

- Spanish English, French

- French English, Spanish

1030 Brussels (Schaerbeek)

Azra Redzematovic

- Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, SerbianFrench

- French  Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian

4000 Liège (Luik)

Felicia Postaru

- Romanian French

- French Romanian

Town / Court of Justice:

1400 Nivelles (Nijvel)

Available for translations in Brussels and in Flemish-Brabant

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Royal Consult Traduction -



Degree in Penal and Criminal Sciences from the University of Lille II (France)

Sworn translator and interpreter with solid skills in legal, scientific, medical, social, commercial and technical areas

French Arabic French

+32 (0)475 24 23 96

Translation Services

Sworn interpretations, consecutive, simultaneous interpretations or during interviews in Brussels:

- Arabic English, French

- French Arabic, English

- English Arabic, French

- Italian French

Special student rates available for translations of academic documents

+32 (0)489 28 15 07

Fatma Iferoudjene

sworn translator and interpreter

Arabic French → Arabic

Berber French → Berber

Mastery of the Arabic and Berber dialects of North Africa and Middle East (Egyptian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Kabyle, Chaouïa / Shawiya...)

Courts: Charleroi and Mons

+32 (0)489 66 84 50

Hassan Jarfi

sworn translator interpreter


Available to travel and translate in French speaking Belgium and Brussels

+32 (0)485 67 41 50

Tradassur SPRL

Isabelle Collard

sworn translator and interpreter

French → English, Italian

English, Italian → French

Courts of Justice: Brussels, (Bruxelles) & Nivelles (Nijvel)

+32 (0)475 61 75 35

Free translations in the following fields: legal - finance - technical - marketing - insurances - travel guides and websites

Nexus Translation

Sworn and free translations, conference interpretation in Brussels

in French, Romanian, Russian and English

 +32 (0)499 12 95 06

Active in Brussels

For all your translation projects






Sworn translator:

French, Spanish


English, Spanish


English, French


Specialised translations:

English, French



English, Portuguese



Mother tongues:  

French and Portuguese

+32 (0)478 81 19 85

Bruno Peres - Translation Services
Interpreters in Belgium for interpretations in French, Dutch, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Romanian...

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